Michael’s post of favourite listings (updated February 22, 2018)

As chief research officer at ItsMyPortfolio.ca, I thought I would post a list of the resources I tend to use regularly to educate myself, to research my blog posts and articles and to manage our household portfolio. I hope this helps visitors choose among the many options available to them.

Click any listing below to see the resource’s details in the Investment Resources for Canadian directory. My notes here refer to how I use the resource.

Please note these links are not product endorsements, just information on how I use them. I receive no compensation for listing these resources here (or anywhere on the site).


  • Abnormal Returns – A source of well-selected and wide-ranging articles for tracking broad ideas and trends as well as investment information.
  • A Wealth of Common Sense – Topical reading that is usually thought provoking.
  • CNN Money – Pre-market Trading – I enjoy getting a sense of how the US markets might behave for the day.
  • Crossing Wall Street – I receive the weekly email report and enjoy reading the succinct market commentary about the US.
  • Morning Coffee – I like the daily recap of market news and highlights about various Canadian and US companies.
  • Morningstar – Good information here including analyst ratings. Where I track my portfolio for quick views/updates (when I’m not using Excel where I really track it).
  • Seeking Alpha – Lots to read here. I focus on popular articles and my favourite writers. (I am a past contributor.)
  • Select Sector SPRDs  – A great way to track which US sectors are underperforming, keeping pace with or outperforming the S&P 500 over various timeframes.
  • Stock Rover – Great tool for analyzing stocks and funds. (I don’t pay for the enhanced version, but it looks good too, and not that expensive.)
  • TMX Money – Very good for basic data on securities and a good place to find the sector for a given stock.
  • TSI Wealth Network – A good source for keeping abreast of Canadian stocks and securities. (I used to subscribe their paid service.)
  • Visual Capitalist – Very interesting site that provides great infographics on trends in finance, economics and society.
  • Yahoo Finance – Canada – Good for researching historical values and dividends.

For Fee

  • 5i Research – I enjoy the daily Q&A with Peter Hodson and team in particular. 5i also offers three model portfolios, company reports on covered companies and company profiles with a fair bit of data.
  • Canadian MoneySaver – I like the no-nonsense and informative content at a reasonable price. Part of the 5i Research “family.” (I am a contributor on investing in secular trends. See a couple of my past articles for free here (ecommerce) and here (water).
  • ETF & Mutual Fund Update – I just signed up for this service and am enjoying reading about the ETF portfolios they have and their thoughts about market trends. Also part of the 5i Research “family.”
  • F.A.S.T. Graphs – Great way to determine if a stock is trading at fair value or not.
  • YCharts – Great tool for securities analysis. It’s like having a simplified version of a trader’s terminal at a fraction of the cost. I subscribe to the Lite Plan (the basic one.)

As a point of reference, my annual spending on the “for fee” services listed above is about $1,000 CDN.

I hope you find this list helpful.


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